Welcome to the Common Good Movement…from me!

I want to welcome you to the Common Good Movement. It is just beginning…and as you can see the website is still being put together and not everything is working well yet, but it will soon.

A group of us, Andrew Bellak, Ben Bingham, Susan Davis, Hazel Henderson, Brad Stonberg, Stuart Valentine, Mark Watson, Greg Wendt, and I have formed Common Good Investing Community and most of us are meeting at a retreat, Oct 5-7, 2012, after the SRI Conference to decide where we go from here.

What we know is that it is time to turn the tables and insist that all enterprises, corporations as well as non-profits and governments, take the lead in giving priority to the common good of us all and consistently improving it. None of us are exempt from this most fundamental moral responsibility to each other as members of the now global human society.

We have to admit that many have settled into assuming that giving priority to their self-interest is moral behavior. It is not. We each have the responsibility to act in our self-interest. That is not in question. While fully doing both, this is a priority issue, not an either-or issue. The purpose of the Common Good Investing Community is to invite us all to make a self-conscious choice of our priorities and to also invite all to support those that choose the moral priorities and to not support those that do not. That is it in a nutshell.

We look forward to you becoming an active participant in this re-villaging of the planet in terms of how we relate with each other.

It is important to emphasize that we celebrate individual freedom and free markets. This is about our freely chosen priorities as our expression of our individual freedom and participation in free markets. We are entering a new era where classical capitalism and communism-socialism will be replaced by what we are calling “common good capitalism.”

Rather than seeing individual freedom in opposition to the common good, we will now view them as priorities rather than as opposites. We will also see the wisdom of giving priority to the common good and second priority to individual free choice while fully doing both, what has forever been defined in one way or another in human societies as moral behavior. This is the essence of being human.

Welcome to the Common Good Movement!

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