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Welcome to Common Good Investing Community!

We are an association of people and organizations, especially those involved in the investing community, who believe it is time to point out to everyone – individuals, groups, and corporations – that part of being human is giving priority to the common good of us all, historically called “moral behavior.” We are aware that in many quarters it has become assumed that it is acceptable to give priority to self-interest. Some even assume this is supported by laws.

We are each responsible for our self-interest. That is not in question. While fully doing both, this is a priority issue, not and either/or issue.

Therefore, the Common Good Investing Community calls on all organizations, especially business organizations, to publicly declare that their highest priority is the common good and second priorirty is profits, a mission, or anything else. We are confident that this will result if them providing leadership to improve the common good of us all rather than wait to be pressured into doing so by the public and governments. We especially encourage business organizations to create an association with their competitors in each product area to reach agreement on raising the labor, environmental, and social level playing field within which they will continue to compete as a secondary priority. This can be legally done.

Our world will only become the world we want when we all accept full responsibility for giving priority to the common good in recognition that this is the nature of being human beings together on this small planet. The mission of Common Good Investing Community is to encourage us all to recognize this most fundamental aspect of being human beings.

This membership organization is being launched at the SRI Conference in October of 2012. So we are just getting started. We welcome your membership and participation and will keep you informed and invite your full participation as we get it up and running. At this time there is no membership fee and you can also join just out of curiosity to see how we develop.

Welcome again to the Common Good Investing Community!

To learn more, you can read the Common Good Investing Announcement presented to many participants in the SRI Conference in October 2012 and Terry Mollner’s Presentation on it at that conference.

Common Good Investing Announcement
Common Good Investing Presentation by Terry Mollner

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