Board of Directors

Terry Mollner, Chair and Executive Director

Terry Mollner is Chair of StakeHolders Capital, Inc. in Amherst, MA, a socially responsible and common good asset management firm. In 1982, he was one of the founders of the Calvert Social Investment Funds, Inc., currently with $6 billion under management, and continues to be on its board of trustees. He is also one of the founders of the Calvert Foundation in 1988 that today has $550 million under management and invested to reduce poverty around the world. He continues to be on its board as well. In 2000, he organized a group to buy Ben & Jerry’s and eventually participated in designing Unilever’s purchase that included a contract that allowed the existing board of directors to remain in existence and maintain ownership of the social mission and brand integrity of Ben & Jerry’s. Terry has been a member of the Board of Directors of Ben & Jerry’s since its purchase by Unilever. It is the only socially responsible company bought by a multinational to secure such a contract.  He was the founder of Trusteeship Institute, Inc. in 1973 that has recently changed its name to Common Good Movement, Inc. He was also one of the creators of an informal community of friends in 1983 that has experimented with re-villaging our lives in a modern context. He has just finished a book, The Love Skill: We Are Each Mastering the 7 Layers of Human Maturity.

John Broucek, Member of the Board of Directors

John Broucek is the founder and CEO of New England Natural Bakers, Inc. with sales of over $10 million annually with 40 employees. He has been mastering the skills of building a socially responsible business for over thirty years and hopes to sell the company to his employees. He was one of the creators of the 29-year-old Friends and Lovers Community (a informal association of friends) with Terry and Johanna.

Johanna Hall, Member of the Board of Directors

Johanna Hall has represented the state of Massachusetts for many years in assisting businesses to develop more creative ways to work with their employees and was also one of the founders of the Friends and Lovers Community with Terry and John and a number of others. She also is a business coach and that is her main activity today.


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