The Love Skill Community is a community of people who have read or heard about The Love Skill book and want to learn more through participation with others.

At a minimum, we are intrigued by the idea that there are layers of maturity of being a human being and a highest layer, a layer beyond which it is not possible to mature but to only get better at it.

For those intimately involved in this community, our most fundamental belief is that the universe is an indivisible whole, a whole that cannot be taken apart. There is not a second place to put anything.

We believe, therefore, that our accurate self-definition is “I am the universe first and my physical body second.” This is why throughout history people deemed to be operating at the highest layer of human maturity have been seen as people who give priority to the common good, what is often labeled “moral behavior.” The experience of it has often been labeled “happiness” in the West and “enlightenment” in the East.

We believe this can only be the result of us keeping our power and solely going to our direct, right now experiences to identify the truths of which our lives will be an expression. Once we know a truth in direct experience we cannot fool ourselves into believing we have not discovered it. It then naturally and effortlessly becomes a guide for our behavior.

We believe maturation is the fundamental process of nature. For human beings, primarily maturation is becoming aware of more mature truths of which we were not previously aware. There are not factors of time and space when becoming aware of more mature truths; so maturation is the fundamental process of nature that affirms the oneness of nature.

We also accept the fact that we do not know where this maturation adventure is taking us. We do not yet fully understand the operations of the universe. However, all the evidence has us believe that maturation is going in a good direction, toward the universe becoming better able to self-consciously manage itself through us.

The Love Skill Community is one way of relating with each other to get better at living according to these truths and building together organizations that are expressions of them.

The Love Skill Song is a 501c3 educational tax-exempt organization in the USA; so all donations by US citizens are tax-deductible.